The Dniepr (Russian: Днепр; Ukrainian: Дніпро, tr. Dnipro; Belarusian: Дняпро, tr. Dniapro) is a river in Eastern Europe that originates in Russia, flowing through Belarus and Ukraine into the Black Sea. It has Europe's fourth largest watershed. The river has a great political and cultural significance, serving as a historical boundary between "Great Russia" to the east and "Little Russia" (Ukraine), "White Russia" (Belarus) to the west. In Ukraine, the river still forms a social and political division, with most of eastern Ukraine being Russian-speaking and favoring pro-Russia politics. Typically Ukraine east of the river is called "right-bank Ukraine", while the rest of the country is "left-bank Ukraine". The major cities of Kiev, Cherkasy and Dnepropetrovsk are located on the river.

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