The FIFA World Cup is an international competition of association football, organized by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA. The World Cup is contested among 32 teams every four years. The host nation of the tournament automatically qualifies, while the rest of the teams must first compete with the other nations of their confederations. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. The current champions are Spain, and the next World Cup is scheduled for 2014 in Brazil.


1930: Uruguay

1934: Italy

1938: Italy

The World Cup was not held in 1942 or 1946 due to World War II

1950: Uruguay

1954: West Germany

1958: Brazil

1962: Brazil

1966: England

1970: Brazil

1974: West Germany

1978: Argentina

1982: Italy

1986: Argentina

1990: Germany

1994: Brazil

1998: France

2002: Brazil

2006: Italy

2010: Spain

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