Hungary is a nation in Europe. Hungary borders Slovakia to the north, Austria to the west, Croatia and Serbia to the south, and Bulgaria and Ukraine and Romania to the east. Hungary is inhabited by the Magyars, who speak the Hungarian language and practice Roman Catholicism. The Magyars are one of the few European peoples to not be of Indo-European descent. Its capital and largest city is Budapest.


The Magyars founded the Kingdom of Hungary in 1000 after several centuries of raiding the Franks. The Kingdom of Hungary slowed the Ottoman advance into Europe in the 15th century, but in 1526 it was defeated and incorporated into their empire.

Hungary was conquered by the Austrians in the 17th century, but it was not given independence. Hungary was recognized as an equal partner with the formation of Austria-Hungary in 1867. After World War I, Hungary finally became an independent nation again.

Hungary was invaded by Nazi Germany during World War II, and a puppet state was established. Hungary was liberated by the Soviet Union, and became a part of the Warsaw Pact after the end of the war. A failed revolution in 1956 led to tighter Soviet control. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Hungary became a democracy.

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