Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock, looking west

Jerusalem (Hebrew: tr. Yerushalayim, Arabic: tr. Al Quds or Urshalim) is the largest city proper in Israel and houses most of its government buildings, though its description as the "capital" is disputed. Located between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, it is approximately inland and is split between the countries of Israel and Palestine. It is regarded as the holiest city in Judaism and one of the holiest places in Christianity and Islam, containing significant holy sites like the Dome of the Rock, the Wailing Wall and the Church of the Nativity.

The city comprises of West Jerusalem, which is predominantly Jewish and contains government buildings, including the Knesset. East Jerusalem is Arab-inhabited and is sought by the State of Palestine as the future capital; Israel sees a unified Jerusalem as its capital and denies Palestinian claims. In the center of the city is the Old City, which contains many religious sites and street markets. While Jerusalem used to have a large Christian population, most Christians have now left due to discrimination, harassment and difficulty of obtaining Israeli documentation. Many remaining Christians, however, still live in the Old City and operate tourist shops. Due to the heavy tourist presence, most speak English or Russian in addition to Arabic.
Old city jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem

Jeru Pano

A view of part of East Jerusalem

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